1. Consistency creates opportunity for measurement. - In order to determine the success or failure of anything you do, you have to be consistent in what your doing. Ever so often minor tweaking instead of major overhauls create the difference that changes the trajectory of a business in becoming profitable, effective and efficient.
2. Consistency creates the opportunity to build progressive company culture. - If you ask you employees to be on time for their deliverables and goals. They should expect the same in return from their leadership thereby contributing to the success of actualizing expectations and use of initiative in order to complete tasks and achieve goals. Consistency in your leadership sets precedence of the model your employees will follow.
3. Consistency creates the opportunity to establish your reputation. - It is well known that business growth requires a track record of success and not the shifting of gears or trying new tactics which internally creates difficulty in creating synergy within teams. Failure by teams is simply because teams didn't stay on  course to achieve their objective.