Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Lessons Learned

I learned a very important lesson recently as i was hiring a graphics designer, he was passionate, said all the right things but when i placed him through a trial project, he failed to communicate, failed to meet a deadline, professionalism went out the window and when the work came it was way below par. It was then that i started to assess what went wrong and i realized apart of it was because i let my standard drop to accommodate the hire and i was not critical enough as i am of myself and my expectations. that activity affected a lot of things in my business and set us back weeks of work. so i urge all fellow entrepreneurs, that in as small as our businesses are, the same professionalism and standard we demand of ourselves must be to an extent demanded of those we hire. So we must be very very critical of who we hire and yes we must employ "based on performance, merit and competence". My company is focused on hiring young passionate guys. A lot of the time we get guys coming to us wanting to join our company and the one thing i have learned is to be very deliberate about who we hire. In as much as we want to give opportunities to the youth in our communities that should not deter us from requiring and maintaining a certain standard and ensuring our business embodies the standard we have set out to present.

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